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Hello Every one.

I hope you all have had a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately Because it is a New Year I will be sending out the Invoices out for 2018.
Please do not be overwhelmed by the invoices, Nothing has changed with the payments, or the amount for each term. I have placed the full Years of Dues in one invoice so that we know the people that have payed and those that have not. However at the AGM this may change as it is on the agenda that the term fee may increase by a dollar or two to cover the increase with Scouting NSW fees. Furthermore this will still need to be passed at the AGM.

Each invoice will be set up a little different to the past because we are now using an Accounting Package called Xero. As each Terms fees are broken down to show where the money is going to in our paperwork.

We currently have 28 Accounts that need paying from Last year – So fix up a Payment plan. Have your yearly sum and divide it by 52 week and you will see it may be as little as $7 to $17 a week. Some of our Scouts have done this and already have a reduced invoice for 2018.

For our scouting youth to get the full benefit of their scouting membership, all membership fees need to be fully paid and up to date. If memberships are not kept up to date or organised a payment plan, youth may be unable to attend scouting activities away from the hall or participate in Regional, State or National camps. This is due to Insurance coverage with Scouts NSW.

If you are unsure about your account balance, have any questions, or would like to discuss payment options, please contact either Frank Smolle 0416339124 or Leigh Williamson 0418785936

One More Thing

I only have the statements from the old Commonwealth Bank to the 31st of October. so any deposits made into that account after that date I do not have, and as soon as I get them I will bring that up to date. So if you are positive you have paid your account into that account and it does not show up, please Don’t Panic.

Frank Smolle

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